New Year’s Resolutions Work, Right?

In the event that I forget to hold myself accountable, I am writing this in a blog post. I have decided to blog weekly beginning in 2019, posting every Saturday beginning January 5, 2019. The reason I have decided to blog weekly is that I want to open my mind up to more topics. I say ‘topics’ vaguely since they are to be determined.
I have always known I work well under pressure. I even remember reading in college about active procrastinators and being excited because that was me in a nutshell. Active Procrastination is working under pressure with the added bonus of an adrenaline rush to meet a deadline. I actively choose when I procrastinate (Um…I admit to my YouTube addiction). I am also highly motivated and am often praised for my hard work. I tend to think of my tasks when I am not doing them so when I am ready to get to work, I’ve laid the foundation for what I want to do.
My problem in the past with my writing is that I didn’t set any deadlines up for myself to stick too. I only just realized this when I joined The Write Practice 100 Day Book Challenge. I joined because I inherently knew I needed to be held accountable. But um, I can hold myself accountable – I just…do it intermittently like when I wrote my first draft of my book Sustainable. Now my goal is to keep doing that by finishing my second draft (more than halfway done), writing blogs and moving on to my the second yet to be titled or planned book in the series.
I actually do have a lot to talk about. I am planning and working out the details. Now I know, if I do not hold myself accountable to write my blogs, I will feel really f-ing guilty in September 2020 when my website comes up for renewal and I haven’t touched it again (been guilty of that).